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738 Nishitabe, Katori-shi, Chiba-ken 287-0103, Japan
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Pitched our own tent (family of three) in a very spacious lot - we didn't even get to use half of the provided space, but make sure to ask for a camping lot with more grass. Our lot had large dirt patches that made them muddy when wet. It's also possible to share the lot with friends with extra cost. They have clean (bug free) toilets and onsen next to the site is a must! Restaurant at the campsite (Farm Cafe) is excellent but long wait during peak hours. The food at the onsen is mediocre - attempt only when you are desperately hungry. Glamping and Cottages are beautiful and I'm eager to try them next time. Plenty of places for kids to enjoy, zip line, farming, shallow water pools, etc. Unfortunately this was my first camping experience in Japan so I've set the bar too high for my family. So if this is your first time, try out other locations and come here for the grand experience!

8 months ago

Good place for family trip

4 months ago

Good value camping area, very clean, well maintained.

a year ago

We spent great time in camping

2 years ago

I was shocked by the facility because I loved it more than the photos. The toilet was better than the department store It rained, but it was still very good. It was very disappointing for one night. Feeding goats for a vegetable harvesting experience, playing on a small waterfront, and even barbecuing were perfect. There were pizza marks on the pillows and duvets on the bed. It's very unpleasant, but I covered it with a towel and slept. The child wants to come again and will go again

a week ago
738 Nishitabe, Katori-shi, Chiba-ken 287-0103, Japan
+81 478-79-0666
+81 478-79-0666