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Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

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Including the Narita city, traditional arts groups gather in a hall from the prefectural inside and outside and show various festivals and dances, the traditional arts such as the lion dance.
From the city, "Odori Hanami Dance" handed down from "Narita Gion Festival" and the Genroku Era with the tradition of about 300 years appears.

In addition, Kabuki that first Ichikawa Danjuro was associated with the God of the Fire of the Mt. Narita in the Edo era is played, and "local character 成田詣 is held at the same time after 成田詣 which was prevalent because the benefit of the Narita mountain was widely known, too", and the characters of whole country each place gather.

One of the Wonderful & breathtaking Buddhist temples/shrines,I have ever seen.So colorful,historic,blissful. Definitely should visit.I came around 10-11 am and covered the whole temple & the Naritasan park within few hours.No tickets required & so much to see.

a year ago

beautiful place. not crowded with tourist. super close to airport. arrived at 9am, took a stroll, fresh air, got back to airport by 2pm.

a year ago

Very good place!

9 months ago

This place has markets for you to buy street food.

a year ago


6 months ago