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Festival for Praying for Air Safety in the New Year

1-1,Furugome,Narita Airport, Narita-City, Chiba
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Aviation security Rogation Days have taste the security of the customer using a plane and an airport in the Narita International Airport passenger terminal building and the promotion of the international exchange and the manners and customs for Japanese New Year holidays, and they are events held for the purpose of the coexistence and co-prosperity of an area and the airport every year on New Year's Day.

This is a pretty good airport over all with a lot of food options and an equal amount of shop options. Security is really laid back and there's never really a long line as far as the many times I've been here. It's also really easy to navigate through this airport since most of everything is all on one floor with a few exceptions.

2 months ago

World class airport with easy to use immigration controls, helpful and exceptionally polite staff. Interesting shopping options, Kit Kat in a multitude of flavours!

3 weeks ago

A very good, beautiful and modern airport. Japanese makes the things too batter. Check in is very fast. Too many food options are available, no need to walk continue for food. There is many shop where one can find gifts for relatives and friends. Staff is very polite, helpful and well behaved. Quick bus facility is available to tokyo and many places from airport.

2 weeks ago

Been here twice. Not really any complaints. Staff very nice and helpful, entire layout easy to follow. Stores everywhere. Not necessary to walk forever to get food. Their shuttle situation is interesting. They didn’t want us shuttling to different gates without proof of airline pass. Some shops are outside of the security area which is a bummer.

2 months ago

One of best airport I’ve been to. The process is very smooth and quick. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Everything is smooth and well organized. All amenities are available at good quality

2 months ago