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Close-of-Winter Festival

1 Narita, Chiba 286-0023, Japan
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It is performed every year on the day before of the Risshun. World peace, all the people Toyosuke's raku ware, staple grains are fertile and pray for 転禍為福 in the Mt. Narita from old days and are done Osamu Iwao 節分会追難豆 firewood expression.
What is known because the Grand Sumo Tournament sumo wrestler and a performer of the NHK Taiga Drama Series sprinkle beans participates in the bean-scattering ceremony of the first and the second with "the special ceremony of driving out the devils bean-scattering ceremony type".

The Setsubun society ceremony of driving out the devils type is held in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary.
In the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, the bean-scattering ceremony only for women is practiced, too and a demonstration of the ladder (ladder) riding by the Mukaijima steeplejack association causes it and is a success.

Amazing Japanese Buddhist Temple. One of my favourites in the country. Climbing the entry staircase takes you through the gate to another world.

3 weeks ago

A famous temple in Chiba. Somehow there are many Unagi restaurants from the station to the temple. Once you arrive at the gate, you need to climb up a few stairs to reach the temple. This temple is very beautiful, and there is amazing park where you can walk around. Definitely visit the temple if you around the area.

a week ago

It fantastic place to met some history of Japan and it is for free which is a great bonus! Some structures are form X century so it is really very impressive. If you happen to be around it is simple must see! Great experience .

2 months ago

So i had planned to visit this place before coming to Japan. Yesterday i finally went and i was not disappointed. Its free admission and the place is huge! There is a park connected to the shrine and this was very worthwhile. The park has a waterfall and 3 ponds. The size of the structures are incredible and you can get hand drawn stamps in the temple. Enjoy.

3 months ago

Visited during a long layover in Japan. Definitely worth the trouble of leaving the airport! The temple is beautiful and the grounds and trails are such a treat to walk. Wasn't too overcrowded when I was there mid-week, and there was a neat ceremony going on mid-day. Highly recommend!

3 months ago
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