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Kouzu Mirai Festival

6-chōme-9 Kōzunomori, Narita, Chiba 286-0048, Japan
  • Park Festival

It is close to Keisei Kozunomori Station, and citizen's oases include 2,000 "carp streamers" which was not readily seen in the Kozunomori park got close to recently in a row.

Like a carp streamer swimming well, various attractions to be able to enjoy with children in "Kouzu Mirai Festival" planning holding on May 5 for Golden Week throughout the day are prepared for in hope of children growing up in good health towards the future.

Went there for Children's Day Festival during Golden Week, definitely fun :) I'd recommend going if you're nearby around that time. There are an insane number of carp kites, it looks amazing up close (the photos didn't do it justice).

a year ago

This park is really nice, huge playground and decoration of flying Koi-no-bori Festival looks really stunning and amazing. Great for family and kids!

a year ago


4 months ago

Great place. Amazing.

2 years ago


2 months ago
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