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Tako Gion Festival

2020/07/25 - 2020/07/26
2695 Tako, Katori District, Chiba 289-2241, Japan
  • Shrine Festival

This festival has continued since the Edo period, and floats from Shinmachi, which was built in Tenpo, and floats from Honmachi, Nakamachi, and Takane towns brilliantly walk through the town.
In addition, Shikago Mai, which is designated as an intangible folk cultural property in Chiba Prefecture, is old and has been passed down since the first year of the original Meiji period (707). With the face of the rain gutter, we will dedicate the simple dances of the farmers with the wishes of good harvest, sicknesslessness and rain.
One of the highlights is the acrobatics of monkeys (young people who play the role of monkeys) in the 10m long “Tsugume Pillar”, which attracts the attention of the audience.


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