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Colored Leaves Festival

1 Narita, Chiba 286-0023, Japan
  • Temple

The park changes into the Japanese garden such as the color woodblock print at all when it becomes when cool autumn wind blows to Mt. Narita Park.

During a period, the tea ceremony (participation freedom) by the Omotesenke Narita city tea ceremony society is held in tea-ceremony room Iori Akamatsu with the flavor to be built to performances such as a koto, a shakuhachi, the erhu, calligraphy art Chikashi Tachi in the garden, too.

As for the Matcha of the cup to look at the garden where colorful colored leaves and green of the moss harmonized with while hearing a tone to flow to wrap up a garden, and to eat, is particular; is tasteful.

Events is held on each Saturday, Sundays and holidays during a period
Six days from 10:00 to 15:00 in total

There is a very natural park within the temple complex of Naritasan. There are two nice ponds, a little forrest with a waterfall and pretty flower arrangements. A big stairway will lead you to the grand pagoda of peace.

a month ago

It's a beautiful and peaceful park. A lovely place to go for a stroll. Don't miss it if you find yourself in Narita. Especially if it's a sunny day and you have time on your hands.

a month ago

What started as a way to kill time before our flight ended up being one of the prettiest parks we saw our whole time in Japan. Give yourself plenty of time to wander its paths.

a month ago

So beautiful place, I just find peace on my mind where I'm there... Love it!

3 weeks ago

Really great park! It's so peaceful and relaxing here, and you can see a lot of relics. One of the best parks I've seen in Japan, and it's free!

3 months ago
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