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Narita Yume Dairy Farm, where you can interact with animals at your leisure!

Would you like to interact with animals on the Narita Dream Dairy Farm and have a good time?

It is not only replete with animals, but also has a playground that children love so much.

It is sure to be become a pleasant memory of your trip.

This time, I introduce “ the Narita Yume Dairy Farm”, one of the recommended spots in Narita.

The Narita Yume Dairy Farm is a guest ranch with a site area about seven times as large as Tokyo Dome.

Since 1887, it has been focusing on milk and providing dairy products that producers can see.

Therefore, unlike ordinary guest farms, you can taste delicious and high-quality dairy products.

On the Narita Yume Dairy Farm, you can see many animals such as cows, horses, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, domestic ducks, and hedgehogs. In addition to interacting with the animals, you can taste delicious dairy products unique to the Narita Dream Dairy farm and its nature, and make happy memories through various experiences like these.



The Narita Yume Dairy Farm」 is a place where you are greeted by cute cow monuments.


If you are driving a car, please enter this address into your navigation system.

730-3 Nagi, Narita City, Chiba prefecture 289-0111

Parking fees for the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

Standard-sized cars ¥700, large cars ¥1,200, bicycles and motorcycles ¥400.


If you use a train, get on the JR Narita Line (bound for Kashima Jingu) at Narita Station and get off at Namerikawa Station.

There is a free shuttle bus from Kashima Station.


the Narita Yume Dairy Farm⇔JR Namerikawa Station

Departures from Namerikawa Station

  • 9:10※
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:05★
  • 17:05★


Departures from the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

  • 12:45
  • 13:45
  • 14:45
  • 15:50                      
  • 16:50※
  • 18:30★

*December to February (except for December 28 to January 5 during the winter vacation period) Closed on weekdays

**Open only on the day of Light Experience Farm event

Departures from Namerikawa Station are timed to coincide with the arrival times of the down trains, and departures from the farm to coincide with the departure times of the up trains (except for some). If no bus has arrived, call the Narita Dream Dairy Farm at (phone no.) 0476-96-1001 (9 am to 5 pm).



Admission fees are as follows:

Adults: \1,450 (junior high school students and older)

Children: \700 (aged 3 and above; *free for children under 3)

Senior citizens: ¥1,250 (aged 65 and above)

Dogs: \ Large dogs ¥1,500, middle-sized and small dogs ¥1,000


→Click here for pricing and access information


Animals that you can interact with on the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

So, let me introduce the animals that you can interact with on the Narita Yume Dairy Farm.


These are cows in a barn.

More than 100 Holstein and Jersey cows are kept on the farm.

If you are lucky, you will be able to meet newborn calves.


Twice a day, a milking class is also held, making it a popular event.



At Furen ZOO Plaza, you can feed goats and sheep.


You can buy a cup of food for ¥100.


You can also get inside the enclosure.


They have name tags on the necks. By the way, this sheep is called Niko.


There is a walkway made of wood overhead. It is a goat path.




In the small animal corner, you can interact with guinea pigs.




There are various breeds of guinea pigs with fur of different colors and lengths.


Horse riding experience.

You can ride a horse if you are at least 120 cm tall. People 95 cm to 119 cm tall can ride a pony.

The fee is ¥600 for riding a horse and ¥400 for riding a pony.



In the Hedgehog House, you can observe hedgehogs.

This is an event held once a day on weekdays and twice a day on holidays, and the first 100 persons to arrive can take part.



Besides the hedgehogs, there are chinchillas and owls.


The playground of the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

The pleasures of the Narita Dream Dairy Farm do not stop at animals.


There are extremely popular lawn slides.

You get on a sled and slide down the slope.

It is a spot that not only children but also adults can enjoy.


These are fancy cycles.

You can enjoy a ride on a deformed electric bicycle that you cannot usually get on for ¥500.



You can also experience archery that you cannot easily experience for ¥600.


When you actually try it, it turns out to be more difficult than you expected.


The playground is also replete with athletic facilities.


There is a trolley train that goes around the flower garden on the Narita Yume Dairy Farm.

The ride time is about 5 minutes, and you can enjoy it for ¥500.



However, the trolley train is not the only vehicle.

There are tractor-drawn wagons made up of farm equipment and tractors used by farmers.

Enjoy a tour of the farm for ¥500 for 15 minutes.


Let us have a meal on the Narita Yume Dairy Farm.

The farm restaurant used in this report was the Cheese Forest.

It is a self-service restaurant.


Here is the menu. "Succulent omurice (=omelet containing fried rice) with tomato meat sauce," "Farm-grilled cheese beef curry," "Homemade stewed hamburger steak," "Roast beef pot," "Wagyu beef sirloin steak with Japanese-style sauce," etc.


I ordered a homemade stewed hamburger steak and a roast beef bowl.



The hamburger steak stewed until it was soft was delicious with the sauce.


The roast beef bowl had a large volume and was a substantial meal.

This is a menu limited to holidays.


In addition to the Cheese Forest, you can also enjoy pasta served at the Glass House, hamburgers at the Farm Café, authentic pizzas made with mozzarella cheese at the Pizza Time, and real barbecues at the Barbecue House.




You can have a barbecue indoors, so it is OK even if it rains.


Here is what you will definitely want to eat when you come to the Narita Yume Dairy Farm.

It is farm soft serve ice cream.



It is very creamy and rich soft serve ice cream

Seasonal highlights of the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

In addition to the content introduced this time, various events are also held every season.

The events held in 2019 were as follows.


Spring, March to May

Cattle keepers; shopping for the first time alone; experience of rice planting in a meadow; a crying sumo tournament on the farm; a baby crawling contest; operating a real steam locomotive; a change of clothes for sheep, etc.


Summer, June to August

A training camp for rhinoceros beetles; cattle keepers; a course for camp beginners; digging potatoes; Japanese drum performance; gifts in the form of teru teru bozu dolls (to pray to for good weather); a time-limited sunflower menu; a baby crawling contest; a great adventure for little children on the farm; a parent and child school for farm experience; experience of harvesting vegetables in the summer; experience of harvesting rice in a meadow, etc.


Fall, September to November

Operating a real steam locomotive; Dream Festival 2019 'Oh! Potato Holiday'; chestnut picking; Let us become owners of winter vegetables; cattle keepers; Halloween faces in the camp; peanut digging; playing with light, interacting with light 'Yumeko's Dream World'; wagyu cattle fair; thousand-year-candy making, etc.


Winter, December to February

Christmas gifts for goats; zodiac photos; cattle keepers; commemorative photos with glittering sheep!; Xmas camp; playing with light, interacting with light 'Yumeko's Dream World'; Pack as many sweet potatoes as you can!; zodiac photos; Christmas gifts for goats; Let us decorate the milking shrine with ema votive tablets; free admission for designated dog breeds; Let us decorate the milking shrine with ema votive tablets, etc.


On the Narita Dream Dairy Farm, seasonal scenery is also one of the highlights.

Sakura blossoms in the spring.




In the summer, it is sunflowers. You can also enjoy mazes made up of sunflowers.



Finally, in the fall, it is cosmos flowers.




Souvenirs that can be bought on the Narita Yume Dairy Farm

We sell rare miscellaneous goods unique to the Narita Dream Dairy Farm, as well as popular sweets by mail order.

For souvenirs on the Dream Farm, we recommend Mary's Shop.

There are many products packaged for souvenirs.

In addition, a farm candy maker called Momom that deals in sweets sells Makiba Dream cheesecake, Ushimaro, and so on.

Why not buy them as souvenirs?


This time, I have introduced the Narita Yume Dairy Farm.

It is a spot that will surely leave pleasant memories of the trip.

Please come and visit us when you come to Narita.