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6 Hotel Buffets in Narita. Including Options for Hot Springs and Day Trips


If you're visiting Narita, why not treat yourself to a day trip to a high class hotel?

This is a guide to our recommended hotels near Narita International Airport where you can enjoy seasonal and local buffets, as well as some of the local hot springs.


Hotels in Narita Ideal for Day Trips

There are many hotels in the vicinity of Narita International Airport where people using the airport can spend the night.

There are business and luxury hotels, of course, but also capsule hotels, guest houses, and all manner of other types of accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements.


But hotels are not just for overnight accommodation.

They can also house hot springs, gyms, gourmet restaurants and more. So much, in fact, that it can almost feel like a waste simply to sleep at them.


This time we'd like to introduce our favorite hotels in and around Narita that we think are ideal for day trips.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita

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The ANA Crowne Plaza Narita is close to the airport. In fact, some of the rooms even overlook the runway.


The hotel's restaurant/cafe "Ceres" features a buffet with a seasonal menu.

Their menu for October 2021 is "Autumn Harvest Festival: Autumn Buffet."

This is a weekend-only lunchtime buffet that allows the guests to experience a real taste of autumn.


They also pride themselves on providing unparalleled service to their guests, for example by offering discounts for arriving in costumes and providing candy for their younger guests.

"ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Narita"

Radisson Narita

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The Radisson Narita is home to the famous "Yurake Castle" with its extravagant decorations, including the extraordinary projection mapping.


Yurake Castle is fascinating enough to spend a whole day in, but the hotel also boasts the "California Restaurant" on the first floor, serving a seasonal buffet. So you can take in the sights of the outdoor pool and gardens as you enjoy a lovely meal.


The menu theme for October 2021 is "Autumn Harvest Festival Buffet."

The dinner buffet features a number of dishes that evoke the season of autumn.


I have actually tried this buffet for myself, and will be reporting on it later.


"Radisson Narita"

Narita View Hotel

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The "Restaurant Patio" on the first floor of the Narita View Hotel offers a dinner buffet.

Its menu for October/November 2021 is "Autumn Harvest ♪ Autumn Colors Buffet."

Enjoy as much of these iconic autumnal flavors like salmon and chestnut as you like.

The Narita View Hotel also has natural hot springs for guests to enjoy.


Feel your fatigue melt away in the soothing hot springs and indulge yourself with the delicious buffet.

"Narita View Hotel"

Hilton Narita

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The Hilton Narita is Narita's premier luxury hotel, and is well worth visiting on a day trip.

The "Terrace Restaurant" offers a buffet menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner, so is always ready to welcome you no matter what time you arrive.


The menu for October 2021 is "Halloween Month 2021 - Pre-Halloween Buffet (with drinks)."


With the fun and vibrant Halloween menu, the show kitchen, and wide range of delicious desserts, the restaurant is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tongue.


An ideal restaurant for both lunch and dinner.

"Hilton Narita"

International Garden Hotel Narita

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Located in between the airport and train station, this hotel's Italian restaurant offers various seasonal set menus.


The menu for November 2021 is "Casual Italian: Honey and Cheese Fair."

Open for both lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers around 50 different dishes for you to choose from.


They also offer extremely time limited set menus that are only available for a few days, such as the Halloween Special Buffet, where you can enjoy the tastes of autumn while dressed up in a Halloween costume.


"International Garden Hotel Narita"

Hotel Nikko Narita

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The Hotel Nikko Narita is right next to the airport.

It houses a number of restaurants, but the ones we'd like to focus on this time are the "Serena" and "Toh-Lee" restaurants on the first floor that both offer a buffet menu.


For example, for October 2021 Serena is offering a "Japanese Gourmet Part 2: Lunch Buffet" menu.

Enjoy a variety of the chef's specialties, all using seasonal ingredients.


Outside of the buffets, the hotel also regularly hold special events in its events space, so do check out what's on before you go!


"Hotel Nikko Narita"

The Buffet at the Radisson Narita is Family Friendly

After suppressing my desire to try out all the buffets introduced so far in one sitting, I chose to first go to the dinner buffet at the Radisson Narita, where I was able to get a reservation without a problem.

The buffet they were offering at the time was the "Autumn Harvest Festival Buffet," which will be available during October and November 2021.

The restaurant adjoins the lobby, so is very easy to find.

Upon entering the restaurant you are shown to your seat, after which you are free to get up and visit the buffet and take whatever dishes you like.

Many of the dishes use seasonal ingredients grown locally, and the colors all reminded me strongly of Fall.

Even the desserts are autumnal. The rich flavor of the chestnut pudding in particular is one that I couldn't get enough of.


There were also curries and ice creams, and a whole host of items that children would enjoy, so I got the impression that many of the customers were actually families.

It is a large space, so it's very easy to enjoy your meal at your own leisure.

They explain as you enter the restaurant that to prevent the spread of infections it is recommended that you wear vinyl gloves when taking your food.


Enjoying the Indoors in Narita

There are many wonderful places to visit in and around Narita, including the airport and the world-famous Narita-san Shinsho-ji temple.

If you are staying in Narita these places are well worth a visit, but you may also want to spend a day relaxing in one of the nearby hotels instead.


All of the buffets described here are seasonal, so do be sure to check out the hotels' websites before visiting.