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4 Places to Enjoy Real Baths Near Narita Station

There are many public bath facilities in Narita that will help wash away the fatigue from your long journey. In the last article we focused on some hot springs and "Super Sento" public baths that can be easily accessed from Narita Airport.

This time we will introduce facilities that are easily accessible from Narita Station.

Narita is a region with natural hot springs, and there are a variety of hot spring and public bath facilities.

In this article we introduce some facilities that are easy to get to from Narita Station.

All of them are high quality, and all feature saunas. We recommend them highly to prepare yourself before a trip, or relax after one.


A 20 minute walk from Shimosa-Manzaki Station, which is one station away from JR Narita Station. yamato-no-yu is surrounded by nature, providing a secluded aura.

It is not the type of large facility known as "Super Sento", but rather has more of an at-home feeling, and is comfortable with a Modern Japanese design.


The water from the hot spring is said to be good for muscle soreness and women's chronic fatigue, and the areas for men and women to use are alternated nearly every day.

The outdoor baths offer a view of the countryside, allowing visitors to relax in the richness of nature.


There is not a great variety of baths, but the simple and clean sauna and cold water baths provide the sense that it is a facility for adults to take their time and relax.

In fact, children of elementary school age and younger are not allowed to enter.

In the relaxation area, there are a variety of tables and chairs, so you can relax however you like. There are also spa and fitness facilities available.



Access information here

*Tattoos allowed

Steaming Natural Spring "Ryusennoyu"

"Ryusennoyu" is named after an old legend from the region about a dragon (ryu).

It is located a 10 minute walk from Narita Yukawa Station, which is one station away from Narita Station.

This facility offers a wide variety of baths to enjoy, including pot tubs, jet baths, and electric baths.

Photography:Steaming Natural Spring Ryusennoyu

The Japanese style is an especially emotional space, completely surrounded by trees.

It is very large, meaning you can relax in the space with a sense of freedom.

Photography:Steaming Natural Spring Ryusennoyu

There is also a sauna, which features an automated system for adding water, which will send periodic waves of heat to help you sweat.

This sauna is very popular and can become crowded, so if that is your aim, we recommend avoiding going at times when it is likely to be busy.

There are rest areas on the first and second floors.

The second floor features a comics corner and television, where you can relax and enjoy your time.


"Steaming Natural Spring Ryusennoyu"

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*No tattoos allowed

Hana no Yu

Photography:Hana no Yu

A public bath located an 8 minute walk from Kozunomori Station, which is one station away from Keisei Narita Station.

Since it is easy to get to from Narita Station, it is an easy place to drop by after visiting Narita Shinshoji Temple.

Photography:Hana no Yu

The baths are divided in to "Japanese" and "Western" style baths, and the side designated to men or women is switched daily.

There are a total of 24 types of baths which can be enjoyed.


The outdoor bath is especially large, allowing you to completely relax.

There are also two types of saunas on each side, including a mist sauna and a sauna with automated water addition, so you can enjoy saunas with different moods.

The rest area offers a wide variety of choices, from full meals such as ramen and rice bowls, to alcohol and snacks.

A stone sauna and esthetic services are also available.


"Hana no Yu"

Access information here

*No tattoos allowed

Narita Hot Spring "Biyu"

Located in between Narita Station and Narita airport, Biyu can be reached in 30 minutes by shuttle bus from JR Narita Station.

Located with Narita View hotel, it is less known that is also available for day use.

Photography:Narita Hot Spring Biyu

Using water coming from a hot spring 1000 metres below ground, you can feel your body warming as you submerge yourself in the water.

The facilities available differ between the mens and womens areas, but both feature saunas.

The relaxation area is quite simple. There is a variety of seating that suits a hotel made available for relaxing.

There is also a women-only relaxation area available.


Showing the Narita Airport techo will lower the entrance fee from 1500 yen to 700yen, so be sure to take the passbook if you have one.


"Narita Hot Spring Biyu"

Access information here

*No tattoos allowed


For sauna lovers and those looking to wash away the fatigue of travel

We've introduced here a variety of wonderful bath facilities suitable even for people who really love saunas.

All are available for day use, so are suitable for visiting briefly during your travels.

Some of them offer special campaigns and events, so be sure to check out the homepages before you visit.