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A thorough report on the Narita Station share office space GAKUYA - A place to focus during a trip

How ever gotten so worked up before and after a trip that you can't get any work done?

When traveling, it's hard to concentrate, and you might not be able to finish your work and bring it with you on the trip, and you need to get going soon.

Why not leave early and get a chance to enjoy traveling and work before your flight?

There is a new establishment in front of Narita Station where you can work comfortably right next to Narita Airport.

Share space by Narita Station with GAKUYA

Share Space GAKUYA opened in front of Narita Station in April 2021.

GAKUYA (楽屋) means "backstage."

The name GAKUYA was chosen to support those who work in Narita, including those outside of the Ichikawa family, famous for their Narita shop.

I was able to visit GAKUYA right after it opened.

A luxurious space in a new building

The building that houses this share space office is in was completed in March 2021.

It's in a great location, right in front of Narita Station (the building in the center of the image, between the brown and white buildings).

There is a stylish Italian restaurant on the first floor.


GAKUYA is located on the fifth floor of this building. Let's have a look at what's inside.

Free space

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter is the garden of books that covers the entire wall.

The books range from internationally popular comics to business books, and are selected by the president of Hirayama Corporation, who manages GAKUYA.

The digital sign in the center displays information on the weather and news.

It fits seamlessly into the wood-style background.

In front of the garden of books are relaxing sofas for people to relax and interact with each other during breaks.

Free address seats

There are six seats in the center, and four by the window. They have dividers to prevent the spread of infections.

The window seats overlook the JR Narita Station.

Personally, I found the chairs to be the best: not too hard, not too soft, just comfortable enough to immerse myself in my work.

Each seat has its own outlet and USB port.

Meeting room

This glassed-in room is the six seat meeting room.

The monitor on the wall can also serve as a white board, which you use with the attached pen.

This object placed on the meeting room table lets off a pleasant scent.

The scent and the illumination work together to increase your focus. Very high tech.


There are three booths for those looking to really focus.

They are wide, with enough space for two people to sit next to each other.

Other fantastic facilities

There are thermometers and disinfectant at the entrance.

Entry is managed using a smart key. Register once and gain access with your smartphone to unlock it.

One month member's only lockers.

Copier (charged).

Coffee server, water server (both free), and a variety of items you can borrow.

You can also use their external monitors for three (five in total).

Their telephone booth has soundproofing.

The changing room has a dressing table with a lighted mirror.

The toilets come with washlets (electric toilet seat).

It is full of devices throughout to make your stay more comfortable, so you won't feel any discomfort even after an extended stay.

Useful for a variety of scenes

With all these facilities and a location like this, it's easy to imagine a lot of ways to use it, and based on my impressions from the interview, I thought of a few that would be particularly good.

One day use between trips

Narita Station is just one stop away from Narita Airport. Plus, GAKUYA is only a minute walk from the Station.

If you have to spend a lot of time around the airport, maybe in transit, you can use the their one day service to your advantage.

Working in the waiting area of the airport is fine, but it's hard to concentrate with all the noise and temptations around.

Even if you don't intend to work, it would be nice to relax and read in the garden of books.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is a changing room, so you can change your clothes and make-up with ease.

Get a head start and concentrate on work right up until the last minute of your flight

If you're planning to go on a trip and your flight from Narita is in the evening or at night, you can leave in the morning and concentrate on getting your work done at GAKUYA.

GAKUYA customers are mostly there to work, which allows you to be swept away by the environment in a good way, and you will be able to experience the nomadic feeling of working while traveling.

Because it is located right in front of Narita Airport, you won't have to worry about delays during your train or bus commute, and can immerse yourself in work until the very last minute of before your flight.

For those who can't focus during telework

Workstyle reform has many working from home.

It may be a good fit for those who can't switch into work mode from home.

Using it as an office

One month members can also use their office registration. If you are just starting a business, you can have an office in a prime location in front of the station while keeping your fixed costs down.

GAKUYA's management policy seems to be about community building, meaning you may be able to build a network of people that will be beneficial to your business with them.

Participating in events

GAKUYA is to hold events in the future to serve as a place where connections can be made and information can be exchanged.

They have everything you could want, including projectors and music systems.

A new base for culture in Narita

Narita has always been a strong tourist location, but with the opening of GAKUYA, I feel that it will begin attracting more attention from business users.

There is currently a campaign to celebrate the opening of GAKUYA where they waive admission fees for even greater ease of use.

On the first floor of the building you will find the fashionable Italian restaurant, Oliveto Narita./b>

They are open for lunch.


GAKUYA, share space by the Narita Station