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A selection of four authentic restaurants in Narita that will make you feel as if you are traveling abroad [Europe and America report]

If you miss Brazil, Britain, Italy, or France, why not pay a visit to one of the authentic restaurants near Narita Station?

It is also recommended for those who want to look back on their memories at the end of a trip or want to feel as if they are traveling in a relaxed manner.


If you want to enjoy authentic Western cuisine, go to Narita Station.

Narita City, home to Narita International Airport, the gateway to Japan, has many facilities and stores that serve as receptacles for a wide variety of cultures.

Restaurants are no exception, and there are many authentic restaurants in the Narita Station area alone.

Following on from the previous Asia report, this time I bring you a Europe and America report on authentic restaurants around Narita Station.

Brazilian Restaurant Teco-Teco

My first destination was Brazil, which is right behind Japan.

The Brazilian restaurant Teco-Teco is located on a street slightly off the street leading from Narita Station to the temple.

This establishment, with its cute, light-colored exterior, is an authentic Brazilian restaurant that mainly serves churrasco, a typical Brazilian dish.

The restaurant has six table seats. There are disinfectant solutions, body temperature tests, partitions, and other infection control measures, so everything is taken care of.

The interior is decorated in a cheerful South American style.


It just so happened that all the earlier customers were foreigners, so I placed my order while enjoying the exotic feeling.

This time, I ordered Churrasco Teco Teco (a small portion).

About five minutes after ordering, a savory smell of roasting meat filled the restaurant.

It was an imposing chunk of meat that made me think, “This is meat just as it should be!”

I could not put down my fork as I enjoyed the fragrant churrasco where the flavor had been amply brought out.

The chili sauce that came with it was quite authentic and spicy. The sauce made from boiled beans also went well with the rice.


When it was brought to me, I felt that it was a lot of food for such a small size, but I forgot all about it and polished it off to the last bit.


By the way, the staff are Brazilian.

They saw me off with “Obrigado” (thank you) as I left.


The Brazilian restaurant Teco-Teco

The Barge Inn

Speaking of Britain in Narita, the Barge Inn stands proudly along the street leading to the temple.

This is an authentic English pub in Narita that has been loved by young people and foreign tourists for many years.

Pushing through the massive gate, I entered and was greeted by an authentic scene inside.

The restaurant is quite spacious and has two floors (the basement was under renovation at the time of the visit).


The basement is a dance floor with a DJ booth. On weekends, the place is as lively as a regular club.

The first floor has a vast floor with a darts area, billiards area, and sofa seats in front of the fireplace, all designed to provide a spacious and easy-to-use place where you can spend your time in a variety of ways.

All orders are placed at the counter and are cash on delivery.

The restaurant is open in the evening, so you cannot enter during lunch, but you can order snacks when it is open.

(At the time of the visit, it was just after the state of emergency was declared, so the number of items on the menu had been reduced.)

Of course, a variety of drinks, including alcohol, are also available.

From the outside, it may look a little awkward to enter, but when you enter, you will find groups of people chatting, foreign tourists drinking quietly at the counter, and other people of different races and ways of enjoying themselves, giving you a strange sense of comfort.

Seasonal decorations are also available.

There are probably not many English pubs in Japan that are so spacious and authentic.


The Barge Inn

Pizzeria Positano

The next stop was Italy, also in Europe.

This establishment is located along the street leading to the temple and is an authentic Italian restaurant whose owner-chef has won awards at the World Pizza Championship.

The entrance is a little difficult to find, so it is recommended to check the location beforehand (the entrance is the glass door on the left of the image).


The building has two stories with a kitchen on the first floor and a dining floor on the second.

There was a genuine wood-fired oven for baking pizzas on the first floor.

The seven table seats are always nearly full at lunchtime.

To order, you choose from the menu and then place your order with your smartphone by scanning the QR codes given with the menu list.

This time, I ordered a Margherita with roast ham and mushrooms.

As soon as I ordered, a hot pizza was brought to me, probably just out of the oven.

It was so big that it stuck out from the plate.

The thin pizza dough is crunchy on the outside and springy on the inside and is filled with many ingredients to let you enjoy an authentic pizza.

In spite of its size, it was so delicious that I ate it ecstatically and found myself with nothing left on my plate.

Although I did not order it this time, they also seem to be particular about their wine, with more than 100 types of bottled wine on offer.

Note the stylish chandeliers and the wall-mounted photos of Italian scenery.


Pizzeria Positano

Le tempsdor

The last destination was France.

This long-established French restaurant, which has been around for more than 80 years since its predecessor, is located on a street slightly off the street leading to the temple.

Once you enter through the beautiful entrance with its stylish white-based exterior, the white-based interior also catches your attention.

After disinfecting, the restaurant staff will guide you to your seat and help you choose your hors d’oeuvres and main course for a table d'hôte meal.


Although it is a table d'hôte, there are also a number of options available for those who do not like, or are allergic to, certain foods or ingredients.

Since it is a table d'hôte, the server will bring you the next dish at the right time according to your eating speed.

Some dishes may take a long time to prepare, but you will not be bored if you look at the stylish decorations and ornaments.

Here is the main meat dish.

From the hors d'oeuvres to the main course and the bread, everything looks beautiful and of course tastes most delectable.

The servers are meticulous and attentive, considerately adding more bread and coming to refill your glass with water, and with the peaceful sound of the piano and comfortable chairs, you can spend a pleasant time.

1The first floor has only table seats, but there is also a Japanese-style room on the second floor, which can be used for welcome and farewell parties and reunion parties.


Le tempsdor

You can enjoy a short trip at the gateway to Japan.

The restaurants presented here are all restaurants where you can enjoy not only the taste but also the atmosphere and space.


If you are in transit and have a lot of time on your hands, you can easily go to any of the restaurants, and if you want quick travel stimuli or want to enjoy authentic local cuisine in a different place, you will not be disappointed if you come here on a day trip.


All the restaurants are very popular, so it is recommended to check the business hours and make a reservation if possible.