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A choice of 3 hot springs and deluxe public baths to relieve your travel fatigue, all easily accessible from Narita International Airport

There are numerous bathing facilities in Narita.

Most of them use water from natural hot springs, and many of them have saunas and outside baths.

Here are some bathing facilities that are easily accessible from Narita International Airport and can be enjoyed before or after your journey, or even for a day trip.

Taking a bath is a very effective way to relieve fatigue after a business trip or vacation.

Washing yourself and engulfing your whole body in a hot bath will refresh both your body and mind.


In fact, Narita, the gateway to the sky, is a hot spring area, with a number of hot spring facilities near Narita International Airport and Narita Station.

Most of them can be used for day trips, and there are also many so-called super baths, where you can enjoy not only bathing, but also massages, restaurants, and various other activities.


Now let's focus on the area around Narita International Airport and introduce three hot springs where you can relieve fatigue before or after your flight.

Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

Photography: Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

First is "Soranoyu" which is located close to the Narita Airport.

This is a new facility that opened in 2019 and is popular among travelers because of its easy accessibility.


Shuttle buses are available from Narita Airport Terminals 2 and 3, which take about 5-10 minutes.

Photography: Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

The greatest distinction here is the outside bath, from which visitors can bathe while gazing at airplanes due to its proximity to the airport.


Flight recorders are also installed next to the bathtubs, unique facilities allowing visitors to see what direction the planes will be flying from and at what time.

Photography: Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

The indoor bathing facilities are fully equipped with fresh water everyday, saunas, and private baths that can be used in a multitude of ways, depending on your mood.

Photography: Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

The relaxation area provides a relaxing environment with reclining chairs and around 8,000 manga comic books.

Photography: Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

The facility also has a restaurant and offers all kinds of activities such as cycling. Joined with a capsule hotel next door, this facility has a wide range of applications, not only bathing.


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Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu" - the relaxation facility to relieve your travel fatigue


Narita Airport Hot Spring "Soranoyu"

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Tokyo Yurakujo

Yurakujo, featured in various media outlets for its flashiness, is also located relatively close to Narita Airport.


Shuttle buses run from Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2, taking approximately 20-30 minutes.

The grounds of Yurakujo are very spacious, with a water fountain display in front of the entrance and a large carpeted reception area, giving a most luxurious impression from first sight.

The most eye-catching feature here is the projection mapping shown on the ceiling of the facility.

The images, reminiscent of underwater scenes and flower gardens, are displayed to add a lively decoration to the facility.

Photography: Tokyo Yurakujo

As for the essential, visitors can enjoy a multitude of bathing types, including saunas, Japanese cypress wooden baths, medicinally herbal baths, and microbubble baths.

Photography: Tokyo Yurakujo

There is also an outside bath in the style of a landscape garden, a space that will soothe your body and soul.

There are many options for dining, relaxation, and activities, all of which are too numerous to list here.


Depending on the time of day, events such as singing and dancing are held on stage, making this an entertainment facility that goes beyond the limits of a super bath.


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Entertainment Spa "Tokyo Yurakujo" is super extravagant!


Tokyo Yurakujo

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Shisui Hot Spring Yuranosato

With Shisui Premium Outlets nearby, Yuranosato is easily accessible while you are out shopping.


Compared to the previous two bath houses, Yuranosato is a little further away from the airport, taking around 15 minutes from Narita Airport by express bus bound for the Outlets, and from there it is only 10 minutes on foot to your destination.

Photography: Shisui Hot Spring Yuranosato

The outside baths here are spacious, and the rural landscape stretching out right in front of you give you a liberating feeling.

There is a train line in the distance, and when the weather is nice, you can look out over Mount Fuji.

Photography: Shisui Hot Spring Yuranosato

The indoor baths use highly concentrated carbonated water that is said to have highly therapeutic effects, and there is also a unique electric bath which uses repeated massage stimulus effects.


There is also a sauna, of course, and also has a very popular autoflow feature, in which hot waves of steam are generated hourly for 30 minutes.

There is a resting area with reclining chairs, as well as manga and games corners, and a fish pedicure facility, all of which enable visitors to relax and enjoy their time leisurely.


"Shisui Hot Spring Yuranosato"

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All facilities offer sauna and massage services

The facilities introduced here have both outdoor baths and saunas, as well as massages, dining, and rest areas, so you can literally stay there all day.


How about spending some time relaxing and unwinding from traveling and daily fatigue?